Ingredients paleo

Paleo diet ingredients, paleolithic, healthy dietIt is very easy to get the basic paleo ingredients; you can get everything you need from the Internet or from supermarkets.

Be aware to choose your sources because there are several sites in connection with the paleo diet where the ingredients shown are not 100 % paleo ones.

For example, oatmeal can be consumed only in small amounts – on the contrary, numerous websites suggest the opposite showing recipes which ALL have oatmeal as their main ingredient.

I beware you to follow such misinformation.

Here it is the list of Paleo ingredients:


  • pork fat
  • goose fat
  • duck fat
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil (extra virgin )
  • almond oil, nut oil (for the filling of different cakes) – it can be easily made at home by grinding until the result is butter

Instead of flour

  • ground coconut for making cakes (it is the cheapest ever)
  • ground sesame seeds
  • ground linseed
  • ground mandel
  • ground walnut
  • ground poppy seed
  • ground nut (only the ones grown on bushes)
  • a small amount of ground oatmeal


  • Any forms of egg is acceptable (boiled, fried, omelette, etc)


  • pork
  • beef
  • chicken
  • duck
  • goose
  • fish etc.


  • fresh or frozen vegetables: carrot, parsley, green pepper, tomato, cabbage, eggplant, parsnip, marrow, Jerusalem artichokes (except for legumes: peas, beans, soya)


  • Any type of fresh fruit: apple, orange, peach, plum, strawberry, banana, grapefruit, grapes, red currant, blueberry
  • Frozen fruit
  • Dried fruit (only small amounts)


  • Stevia
  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol
  • Sweeteners without fructose
  • Honey (small amount)


  • Hard cheese – parmesan, ementaler, different types of Hungarian hard cheese etc


All traditional and special spices and herbs can be used without limits, up to your own needs.