Paleo start

How should you get started paleo diet, paleolithicThis site has been started in order to help YOU to proceed to a healthy diet without any confusion, in the simplest way, as soon as possible.
When you make your decision at last the most important thing is to plan ahead.

Depending on what you had eaten before, your eating and cooking habits will change dramatically according to the basic rules of the paleo diet.

The caveman diet will shake your every day life because you have to leave out foods like flour, sugar, beans, peas, rice, pasta etc – all the things you previously had on a daily basis.

There are three personality types:

-        the one who immediately wipes out all the harmful ingredients, rushes to the supermarket and fills up the fridge with paleo food.

-        the second one who makes a careful decision, planning and thinking about it over and over again then gives up right after the first failure.

-        the third works out an elaborate plan, step by step, and becomes completely paleo in 3-4 weeks.

I hope you are not the second type…

Paleo diet – step 1

Study this site to learn what to avoid and what to include in your diet to get healthy again.

Get familiar with the basic idea of Paleo diet, and the start it yourself.

Information is the key to success – and the more you know the stronger you believe in your own decision.

Paleo diet – step 2

Get the PALEOption recipe cards collection which helps you to start cooking paleo the easiest and quickest way. But do not put it right away onto the shelf  – dive into cooking at once!

Leave it on the counter, let your family do the choosing.

With the help of these simple recipes of delicious meals you can have almost the same culinary experience as you had before; only you will make the healthy equivalent of your previous cuisine. For example, you can have hamburgers, gyros, pizza, stuffed cabbage, fruit ice, pancakes, spaghetti bolognese etc.

You are free to surf the net searching after new recipes and information – but the PALEOption recipe cards offer you all the neccesary recipes you need for the start.

Paleo diet – step 3

While you will be waiting for the arrival of your recipecards, check your fridge, pantry and freezer if there are ingredients not allowed by the Paleo diet such as refined sugar, flour etc. You will be surprised to find things you weren’t even aware of.

After recieving your recipecards, you should immediately write a shopping list with all the new ingredients you are just about to include in your diet. Then go to your pantry and sweep out all the junk you discovered earlier; now you will have room for the new, paleo ingredients!

Never-, ever go shopping with empty stomach. It would badly influence your judgement and might lead you to buy food you shouldn’t  buy. You must not get easily distracted – get focused on the list!

Paleo diet – step 4

Begin to observe yourself. It’s very easy to fall for a piece of cake or fresh bakery in a supermarket.

If you have the opportunity, you should make notes about your meals of the day and then the symptoms they caused. How you’re feeling, what mood you got in… or other physical signs, such as tympany, constipation, queasiness or rash.

It may sound a bit ridiculous but this method will help you realise the effects the consumed food has on the way you feel yourself.

Just take a good look at the behaviour of your children right after they bolt down a packet of cookies – it’ll soon end up in a rampage.