10 good reasons to choose the Paleo diet

10-good-reasons-to-choose-the-Paleo-dietI have come up with 10 good reasons why you should start the Paleo diet.

Of course, I could write far more reasons  – but I think these few will be enough to convince you!

Changing your way of life or switching to another method is never too late, your age is just an excuse.

A friend of mine at 78 decided on mending her ways altogether – no more poor eating habits. A short time later she was amazed and most grateful to find her type-two diabetes (which had been thought incurable) was gone.

Why is the caveman diet the best choice for you?

  1. You are sick and want to improve your health
  2. You suffer from lactose intolerance and need recipes for a lactose-free diet
  3. You have kids and intend to provide a healthy menu for them
  4. You are overweight and seek for ways of losing weight and living a more healthy life
  5. You are celiac and can only eat gluten-free dishes.
  6. You have tried all possible ways of having a baby – so far without avail
  7. You are pregnant and would like to stop putting on a lot of weight
  8. You suffer from diabetes and have to diet
  9. You have neurological problems and try to put an end to them
  10. You are in a constant search of a healthy diet

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net