Alone with Paleo in the family- When there is no family support

Alone-with-Paleo-in-the-familyWhatever anyone says your family’s opinion is very important; do they support you or hold you back? Starting a new diet, paleo in our case, is no different – I am frequently asked about it on my blogsite.

Unfortunately there are stories of constant tampering which led to giving up the paleo diet, as it happened in one of my blogsite reader’s case.

So what if there is no support from your family?

It’s better to make it clear what is behind their reluctance, or else it leads to constant conflict if they are not able to accept your decision completely. They may not support you due to the simple fact that they do not understand what your exact reasons are to start this diet, why do you feel the need for the change. They might be afraid you want THEM to change, too…

The support of your spouse, closest relatives and friends is a great help when you have a go at a completely new way of life. The people around you should be careful not to do (and eat!) tempting things right in front of your eyes (for example munching apple pie or a whipped cream cake is considered a crime)

As a first step you should discuss with them about paleo diet – what is it and why you decided on starting it, let the reason be a hopeful weight loss or improving your health. Tell them what can be eaten and what cannot. Share your previous experiences and successes if there are any.

Uncomfortable family meals…

It’s the worst when only part of the family follows the paleo diet. The best you can do is to make the main meal by paleo (for example stews, meats, roasts etc) and serve the side dish as you normally would.

Everyone is free to decide whether to eat it or not. With bread it’s the same: serve both white flour and paleo bread. Or make your soup both paleo and traditional way.

It makes your cooking a bit more complicated, but it’s worth it – if it restores the peace at home.

Later, as your weight loss becomes visible or your family wonders how your health and vitality improved – they may even join you.

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