Bread or not

bread-or-not-in-the-paleo-dietNo day passes without a question about bread.

Can we make bread from gluten free flour? Is it allowed in paleo?

Is oatmeal bread acceptable? It is gluten free, after all…

How should I choose my ingredients so my bread would taste the same as the original bread?

The greatest regret of those who switched to eating paleo is that they could not find a recipe for a bread which would be a perfect substitute for an original white flour one.

Many people cannot even imagine the complete abandonment of bread so they won’t give up on finding the holy grail of a paleo bread tasting perfectly like its white flour equivalent.

Bad news, guys….

There is no paleo bread which could give you back the perfect taste, smell or texture of the original bread.

It’s all in your head!

The whole bread issue needs a totally different attitude. Bread made of cereals is bad – that should be accepted without a doubt. It doesn’t matter what the main ingredient is – wheat, rye or oat. It’s not important if it contains bran, seeds or has reduced carbohydrate content.

Bread consumption inevitebly causes diseases.

It’s high time we put an end to poisioning ourselves with bread – now, after the great turn-about the time for regeneration and restoring our health has begun.

I haven’t eaten bread at all for 5 years, by the way. Neither whole bread nor gluten free, not even lowered carb ones….

When it’s a family gathering at our place, I keep forgetting about serving bread – they need to remind me to put some slices in front of my guests.

I was experimenting a lot on making the perfect paleo bread because of the continuous pressure of my family. After a lot of waste of ingredients, the winner is the recipe among my PALEOption collection of recipecards. This is the only paleo bread which has been the most successful bread-subtitution, even my non-paleo relatives consume it instead of the original version. I have received  numerous reassuring feedback from you, my readers – that your unwavering bread – addicts have also accepted this kind of paleo bread.

Another important point here is that who suffers from a serious illness had better not eat any kind of bread at the very beginning, not even paleo. Later, when their bodies get restored and the symptoms of the illness subside, they can start consuming paleo bread.

I know this article is not very encouraging for those who in the first place haven’t switched to paleo because they have been held back by the total withdrawal of bread.

I secretly hope you will think about bread consumption and its drawbacks; when your attitude changes for the better you’ll realise bread is, eventually, NOT essential.

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