I don’t know how you feel about this, but recently, I really don’t like watching TV nowadays, because on every channel you’ll see diet commercials. They tell us that with one or two capsules you can change your world, and in a couple of weeks, you will be running on the beach in a sexy bikini.

Of course, these commercials don’t tell you about the yo-yo effect, that as soon as you’re off the miracle-meds, those kilos will come back again.

Who had no negative experience about these kind of wonder-pills? Of course, it is good for us to believe that without any effort, we can have perfect bodies, but sadly that is not true. If we don’t change on our eating habits, and don’t start to do exercises, then you should not wait for miracle.

It happens very often that yu look into the mirror and come to the decision: from tomorrow on, you will be on diet. And then you just cherish the decision for months or maybe even years and you don’t do anything about it. Fantasize about it for months…

But a decision is not like an egg, it won’t hatch if you sit on it for long enough. It’s just the opposite. Decisions like that require someone who acts fast enough. The ability to make fast decisions, because that’s what makes them turn into reality.

But then why do you think about it for years, instead of just going for it?

The reason is the procrastinating:

You start thinking about it. You’re thinking really hard. You think about what others might think. You already hear the critics.
You see the path leading there and all the barriers that might occur.
There might be two kinds of setbacks along the way of achieving you goal.

Physical problems:
“I don’t know what I can eat?”
“How much can I eat?”
“How will I work around the problems that might occur while cooking?”

And your own, mental problems:
“I’m afraid it won’t work.”
“I’m not able to do it.”
“What if I’ll be hungry all the time?”
“What if…?”

The worst part about procrastination is that years alter you will realize that others already managed to get rid of their overweight, while you were fantasizing.

How to get rid of procrastinating?

It’s easy: Stop messing around!

Let’s be a bit more detailed: There IS a solution for every setbacks, whether they are real, or just something you made up for yourself.

It is enough to read the comments and responses of people who have already succeeded with paleo diet, and you will see that they are already over the deepest lows, and succeeded with the diet. They did not only lose weight, but in lots of cases, they were aso able to cure themselves.

How did they manage to come to a decision?

They made a choice and did not think about it for too long, they moved on to the next step. They weren’t hesitating, if it’s going to be hard, or if they are going to be able to do it. I’m sure ut wasn’t easy for them all the time either. There must have been highs and lows, harder days, when they would’ve been able to eat up the fridge in whole, but they got over it!

So what are these solutions?

“I don’t know what can I eat?” – A solution to this is the PALEO guide newsletter series, that gives you straight directions, and you can learn what you can eat, what to avoid, and how you can substitute certain food types, etc.

“How much can I eat?” – You cannot misfire with this point. The paleo ingredients fill you up a lot better, then the usual sugar and carbohydrate containing food, so you cannot actually go overboard with this. Even if you do, the paleo dishes contain slowly absorbed carbohydrates, so the risk of gaining weight is very small.

“How will I manage the cooking?” – That shouldn’t be a problem either! Cook once a week, but make larger amount of food. Then put it n the freezer in smaller portions, and that way you can eat different type of food every day.

“What if I’ll be hungry all the time?” – There’s a solution for that too: Always keep some paleo snacks in your bag. Almonds, raisins, apples, carrot slices and of course water. If you get hungry, you just have a couple of bites and that’s it.

The point is, if you come to the decision, you always have to keep the success in mind, and don’t worry about the bumpy road all the time. Close your eyes and see yourself being all fit and healthy. Keep that image in your mind, and concentrate on that, instead of the problems.

Don’t forget that even a thousand mile road begins with one first step!