Fat, the latent factor for obesity

latent factor for obesity, fat and paleo

There are visible signs of obesity – there is a clear excess weight. Would you ever think that someone can be overweight without being visible from the outside?

It’s due to the simple fact that there are two different layers of fat inside your body. One of them is the ’visible’ layer beneath your skin, while the other is ’invisible’ because it deposits around the internal organs. This layer is called visceral fat.

This layer covers the liver, the heart, the kidneys and the pancreas in the abdomen; and unfortunately it can also be found in the muscles. This isn’t as friendly as it sounds! It issues inflammatory factors which improves insulin resistance – moreover, causes inflammation throughout the body.

But what is insulin resistance exactly?

To put it simple, your blood sugar level goes up after consuming foods high in carbohydrate. Your pancreas produces increasingly more insulin to get sugar to your cells, but your cells try to resist this – so sugar gets built into your visceral fat layer; right around your internal organs. This process, of course, dangerously increases the risk of several illnesses – such as heart and vascular system illnesses, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, PCO and even infertility.

How can you get rid of the visceral fat?

It’s not difficult: start eating just like our ancestors did thousands of years ago – the paleo way!

Stop consuming foods consisting of grains, sugar; avoid legumes and do not use vegatable fats, oils.

Eat PALEO – and you’ll feel much-much better in a few months’ time.

The implementation of the paleo diet is not difficult at all!

It’s easy to learn, easy to employ in every day life; you only need to know when, what and how much you can eat.

Look around here on this site – there is plenty help to get started!

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net