Flu epidemic – The attack of pharmaceutical industries

Like every year, here comes another rumor for us: flu season is here. Poor rabbits, pigs and birds got off this time, there are no special names for this year’s flu epidemic, so it’s time to sell the traditional flu vaccinations on the market…

Pharmaceutical industries once again tell us that the only way to avoid the flu is to have yourself vaccinated, the sooner the better. Sadly, like every other vaccine, the ones that work against the flu have their side effects, so you must really think it through, if you want to have that for yourself, or maybe even for your children.

But why is it that every year, between December and February the flu appears?

Many studies have been written on the issue​​, and these clearly show that during winter with only few hours of sunshine, our  body’s vitamin D levels are abnormally low. As a result, the immune system is weakened and might catch the flu as well, especially the elderly and children are in danger.

The diagram below shows that in the summer our body’s D vitamin level is high, and then with the less and along with less amount of sunshine, the number of those who suffer from respiratory diseases grows.

                             Dark grey area: number of people getting respiratory diseases                                Light grey area: D Vitamin level

It is very important if you would not like to be sick during winter, then you should take vitamin D, or go to a solarium every once in a while. Vitamin D is not only capable to prevent flu, but other types of respiratory diseases as well.

How much vitamin D is necessary?

In the case of adults 5.000 IU per day, for children a daily amount of 2.000 IU, for infants only 1.000 IU amount of D3 is necessary per day.

So, is it vitamin D or D3 now?

There are different types of vitamin D’s that are available, somewhere they are called D2, sometimes it’s D3. What you have to know is that D2 is mostly gained from plants, while D3 is of animal origin. Researches prove that the one from animal origin is more useful for our body, therefore I suggest taking the D3.

But what if I’m already sick?

I have good news: vitamin D can help you even then!

In the case of evolved respiratory diseases and flu, you have to start a “shock therapy”. For adults you have to take 50.000 IU of vitamin D3 for 1-3 days, for children you can give them 10.000-20.000. A dose this big can end the disease completely, or can significantly sooth the symptoms.