Healthy immune system in 7 steps

Soon the flu season is here, breathing down our necks. Some people might protect themselves with vaccines; some will try to survive the disease season with some immune system strengthening miracle-meds.

Those, who already started with the paleo diet took the first few necessary steps, but for a healthy immune system a lot more is necessary, because healthy immune system equals with a healthy body. If it works properly, it creates protection against bacteria, viruses and fungous diseases.

But it does not only protect against causative agents. Hundreds of cancer cells are created in our bodies on a daily basis and a healthy immune system defeats these without trouble.

Therefore it is crucial that it works properly. What do you have to do for a strong immune system?

Here are 7 easy steps for the strong immune system:

Step 1: Eat healthily!

The most important is the basic reconstruction of your everyday food intake. You should avoid poisonous chemicals, preservatives and additives, also food that contains flour and refined sugar. A perfect example to this type of diet is paleo diet.

Step 2: Stay in the sun for as long as you can!

With sunbathing your system can get a lot of vitamin D, but if you cannot do that, then you should take it in the form of pills or apply it as skin crème.

Step 3:  Get rid of all chemicals!

I don’t mean only the ones you use to clean your apartment, but also your cosmetics. Through your skin a huge amount of chemicals and petroleum are absorbed, and these all weaken your immune system. Use natural, chemical-free products instead. Let’s rediscover our grandmothers’ cleaning and washing products: washing soda, baking soda and vinegar. Instead of cosmetical products a perfect solution is sheabutter and there are also natural soaps and bio shampoos as well.

Step 4: Ventilate every day!

Even when it’s freezing cold outside, open the window for a while and let some fresh air into your apartment. You don’t have to leave it open for hours, just a couple of minutes of quick draft, and there you will have fresh air. Use green plants instead of poisonous air freshening sprays.

Step 5:  Take multivitamins regularly!

Sadly, we can live as healthily as we can, it will have no use, if our vitamin and mineral intake is low. Our plants and fruits that are grown on fertilizer do not have the same amount of vitamin levels as they did a few decades ago, therefore we have to complement our vitamin intake with a well-chosen multivitamin product.

Step 6: Do excersises at least twice a week

Excersise s should be part of our everyday lives, but still only very few of us can say honestly, that they do sports regularly. The daily housework, walking and working in the garden is not enough to get our blood racing. Weekly at least 30-40 minutes of intensive exercise are enough to make you fitter.

Step 7: Drink clear water!

However ridiculous it sounds, but 70% of our bodies is made of water, so it matters what we use to replace it on a daily basis. Many researches proved that neither the tapwater full of chloride, nor the mineral waters are not perfect choices. The best and cheapest solution if you clean the water for yourself. With a simple, suitable water cleaner, you can get rid of all the harmful materials in the tap water, like chlorides and carcinogenic materials.

These 7 easy steps are not even that hard to keep up with. If you manage to fit all 7 into your everyday life, you will easily defeat any viruses.