Perfect lifestyle to prevent cancer

It is terrifying that in many countries, cancer has become the main cause of death among people.

Why is it that there is hardly any person who is not involved in any way with this disease?

I do not want to specify what kind of disease cancer is, since everyone is aware of it. There is no medicine to this day, but many aggressive “cures” exist, thanks to our ever experimenting doctors. Such are for example chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

However, after the terrible treatment, most patients will continue the same lifestyle as the one they had before the illness. In other words, they eat the same way as they did before. Is it to be expected that the disease recurs again? Most likely, yes.

There are many theories as to what causes the degeneration of tumor cells. Researchers say that not too surprisingly it is mainly caused by environmental factors, as if it was not obvious enough that since the industrial revolution not only our environment but also our food is poisoned.

There is a very relevant Chinese saying: “You will become what you eat.” Well, these days almost all we eat is garbage. What is the conclusion? Preservatives, food coloring materials, artificial additives, too much sugar, carbohydrate and omega6 consumption a direct causes of the cancer diseases.

Also, thanks to the negative campaign against sun, we almost never expose ourselves to the sun and that way we can’t soak up enough Vitamin D, which would also be responsible for our immune system. However, the Paleo diet can be a huge help not only to people suffering from cancer.


Because cancer cells are sugar-dependent, meaning that when large amounts of sugar meet a cancer cell, it will cause the cell to multiply quickly. The visceral inner fat layer is caused inflammation, and low levels of vitamin D are mostly the reasons why tumors evolve in the first place.

The solution is simple: banish carbohydrates from our diet. The Paleo diet focuses on low GI foods so it does not raise your blood sugar level. The Paleo diet with some sports and spiced with some vitamin D supplementation the perfect cancer preventing lifestyle.

But what to do if you’re already in trouble?

I think it is best if you change your lifestyle immediately. No sugar, no carbs, no legumes! It is important that if you have the opportunity to, add the right amounts of vitamin D and omega 3 vitamins into your diet on a daily basis and start tougher version of the Paleo Diet, the ketogenic diet.