Slimming diet vs Paleo diet

Slimming-diet-vs-Paleo-dietLet’s lose weight with paleo – and prevent diseases as well as restore our health!

Paleo diet is more like an eating habit than a slimming diet; still, a lot of people start it right for the hope of losing weight rapidly. Indeed, there are reports of significant weight loss from people who switched to eating paleo – it is due to the total expulsion of carbohydrates.

Some reasons for the paleo diet, if you want to lose weight:

  • It is a perfect slimming diet, because we cannot eat more than we really need. You can bolt down white grain muffins by the dozens, while you must stop at the second seed flour paleo muffin – because it gives the feeling of a full stomach.
  • Proteins stimulate the metabolism therefore our bodies burn more calories – which results in weight loss, of course. Consuming loads of meat and vegetables easily makes you feel full, and you can eat as much as you just want!
  • You won’t feel hungry between meals, it’s again due to the proteins you consume.
  • Paleo diet improves insuline sensitivity, blood sugar level won’t fluctuate.

How can you tell you are overweight?

The easiest way to use BMI (Body Mass Index).

Scientists have developed this simple measurement, which, based on a person’s height and weight, shows exactly how overweight you are.

However, there are cases when paleo diet cannot trigger an instant weight loss.

Why is that?

It happens when after shedding a few kilos losing weight suddenly stops – or it doesn’t even begin at all.

The best you can do in these cases is to reduce the consumption of fruit and confectionary – they may cause the lack of weight loss.

My own experience shows that eating more meat and vegetables helps losing weight to start. When you reach your ideal weight you can include cakes and fruit in your diet again.

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