The intestinal flora and the Paleo diet

The-intestinal-flora-and-the-Paleo-dietThe healthy intestinal flora plays a very important role in keeping you healthy and in the balanced functioning of your body. If our intestinal flora works properly, it protects us from pathogens; our immune system is at constant readiness, and we maintain a perfect digestion.

When you turn on the TV you instantly get hit by the commercials about yoghurts – they are believed to restore the intestinal flora thereby bring about a perfect digestion. These commercials are the main reason for people to think yoghurt consumption is indispensable.

Surely you have thought about this before. How could you make up for pre- and probiotics which are needed for a healthy intestinal flora at the start of your paleo diet – when your digestion is poor, you suffer from distention or you’re just over a serious antibiotics course?

As paleo diet completely excludes dairy products, you are not allowed to consume yoghurts, of course – however, it will only do you good!

Due to the western eating habits, almost every second person in the world suffers from some kind of digestion issue, or candida – without even being aware of their own problem!

The excessive consumption of carbohydrates, and mostly of refined sugar, expands the candida fungii in the intestinal flora thereby suppressing its originally good operation.

As a result, various digestive disorders, flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal pain may occur; even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can develop.

What if you start eating paleo so you drop yoghurts altogether?

Quite simple: when you start eating paleo and stop eating all the harmful stuff, candida fungii simply goes away. By eating paleo, the prebiotics content of the vegetables you consume will increase the useful probiotics, so the intestinal flora will restore itself perfectly. It will work without any problems until you return to your previous sugary-floury diet or go through a serious antibiotics course.

This process can be accelerated at the beginning of the paleo diet by taking pills or other form of medication to restore your probiotics level.

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