The trouble with cholesterol

The-trouble-with-cholesterolThere was a significant increase in the number of middle-aged men who died of heart attack in the USA a few decades ago; so it was neccesary to find an urgent solution.

As Americans love to eat good (and unhealthy) food (hamburger, hot dog, peanut butter etc.) it was quite obvious that they would not blame the excessive carbohydrate consumption but would come up with another reason which would be used as a scapegoat.

A scientist named Ancel Keys then came up with a very impressive experience in which rabbits and hens got stodged with cholesterol and – surprise! – the animals developed atherosclerosis. It was more than predictable, by the way. The animals in the experiment are herbivores, they do not eat fat – therefore they were forced to ‘switch’ to the civilized diet hence the atherosclerosis.

Since then, we have blamed the high cholesterol level as the source of all trouble.

The pharmaceutical industry responded immediately with a relief cry of ‘We’ve got who to blame at last’ – and they came up with a cholesterol-lowering medication as a perfect alternative to high cholesterol levels.

It’s cheap, and thanks to the good marketing, it’s the best-selling medication of all drugs around the world.

The pharmaceutical industry pockets hundred billions of dollars on different useful medication while the gullible ‘patients’ most likely to suffer the consequences of their own poor judgement.

Did you know that the human body produces cholesterol by itself and this substance is essential for humans?It’s proved that no matter how low-cholesterol diet we sustain – our cholesterol level can still be “too high”.

Another interesting fact is that Japanese people have the highest cholesterol level in  their bodies – and still, they live the highest age compared to other nations. How is it possible when according to the cholesterol theory hardly any Japanese should be walking around?…

So the truth is…

An increasing number of studies have shown that the higher the cholesterol level is, the longer people live, because of the high levels of LDL, the ‘bad’ cholesterol that protects against cancer and infectious diseases.

On the contrary, we hardly dare to eat meat, let alone egg, because of the roundup about the cholesterol. We have substituted animal fats for vegetable oils, margarines etc. This leads straight to the hospital!

In contrast, the native people feed as mankind have done for over hundreds of thousands of years before some groups of them switched to a ’civilized’ diet with introducing the cultivation of the land; and with the consequences we are slowly destroying ourselves.

What is wrong with cholesterol-lowering medication?

Research shows that the statin found in cholesterol-lowering drugs cause liver problems, by blocking its natural operation therefore it simply stops producing more coenzyme Q10. However, it is essential for the satisfactory operation of the cells, especially for the cells of the heart – if there is any kind of distruption, this lack of Q10s leads straight to an arrhythmia, and, eventually, to death. And the list goes on…

So it’s better to think twice before starting (or continuing) on cholesterol lowering medication.

Everyone should decide for themselves – is it worth it?

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