Tipps to save money!

Just think about how much money you can save, if you don’t buy any more sugary cereals, yoghurts, sweets made of curd cheese, etc. Think about how much less you will spend, if you don’t eat bread, milk, candy, chocolate, pastas, biscuits, soup-powders, oil, chips, etc. If you look at an average shopping cart in Tesco, these are usually the things you will see in it.

However, in a paleo-cart you would find meat, vegetables and fruits, cheese, eggs, almonds, nuts and other types of healthy snacks and food. If you do the math, you will realize how much you spend on snacks and worthless carbs and if you were to avoid these, you could spend that money on healthy paleo food as well.

All in all, sadly some paleo ingredients are rather expensive, like the price of almond flour and birch sugar are still rather high. I trust that however with the increasing paleo movement, the sellers will be able to find cheaper sources.

But in the meantime, here are a few tips on how your paleo diet can be a bit more economic.

Buy bigger amounts of meat at once!

If you have a freezer at home, you can just buy half a pork, and process it, because in that way the price/kilo is much more fair, than buying it in kilos. Very often, poultry is a lot cheaper, so if you can manage not sticking to red meat only, then you can prepare almost all types of food from poultry. Int the weekend you have more time to spend int he kitchen. At weekends you can cook bigger portions, and put half- of it into the freezer for a later time. You haven’t only spared time, but also a lot of energy.

Now, shopping on the market is not only good, because that way you can buy the items straight from the source, but also, because in case of buying bigger portions, you might also be able to bargain. If you become a regular buyer at a few sellers, you might get big discounts from them.

Always make a list of your cooking expanses, so you will be able to see, on which items you are spending the most, so you will be able to see if you can substitute them with something, or just avoid them.

If you have a garden, it is about time to explore the joys of gardening. Not only because this way you can grow your own food, but also because gardening might be a great way of passing time, and you can also steal endless amount of vitamin D from the sun, and you will not have to spend any amount of money ont that either.

Explore the different uses of eggs! It is amazing, how many different way you can prepare eggs, you can hard or soft boil them, make omelets or fry them sunny side up, or even make egg salad.

Although coconut oil and fat have no smell or taste, their prices are rather high. A lot of people try to avoid animal fat, even though that is the cheapest paleo fat there is, and contrary to popular beliefs, it is very healthy. Try duck or goose fat, they are delicious!

Finally, if yu think about the amount of money you spent on candy, snacks, bread and sugar, different drinks, you might even be able to do your shopping from the same amount of money, but you will be eating healthier!