To drink or not to drink, that is the question…

Those of you who have already started with the paleolit diet, you already know what is on the black and what is on the whitelist.

But sometimes it happens that we have a night out, and our father-in-law invites you to have a vodka, and you are in trouble, your friend laughs at you if you use the excuse “but I’m driving on the way home” too often, especially if you didn’t even arrive with a car in the first place.

Instead of excuses and lies, I’ll tell you what you can drink in paleo diet.

A lot of you mentioned that ever since you started with paleo diet, you don’t dare to drink anything, other than mineral water, but let’s be honest, that can be very boring after a while. Sometimes you have to add more color to that dull grey palette of drinks.

Dr. Loren Cordain is the most well-known researcher of paleolit diet and I’m going to forward some of her advices to you.

You can make yourself herbal tea, fruit teas, black tea even, smoothies or for example ice coffee (of course, made with paleo methods).

From fresh lemon juice, birch sugar and menthol leaf and a couple of ice cubes you can make great virgin mojitos, but there are also a lot of virgin cocktails, which can be easily made at home as well.

When you get invited to a drink, don’t answer with clenched teeth, that you only drink water. In a minimal amount you can also drink red or white wine, but only a maximum of 2 dl per occasion. You can also drink 3 dls of beer as well.

From the sugar free short drinks you can drink 0,5 dls of vodka, whiskey or rum.

Note: Of course we should not go overboard with the alcohol consumption, let’s keep it on an occasional level and only drink one kind of drink at a time.

However if one suffers from any auto-immune diseases, should rather avoid drinking alcohol.