What are the must-haves at home?

If you managed to kick off with the paleo diet, doing the shopping will get easier by time. But in the beginning you have to have a list and only buy the things that are on it.

Take this advice! If before shopping you eat a couple of paleolit cupcakes, or 1-2 bananas, it is less likely that driven by a hunger-wave, you end up buying half of the grocery store’s chocolate supply.

But this following list will be a great help all in all, to help you see, what are necessary for you to have at home, to make things easier:

  • Always have meat in your freezer. It is worth shopping in bulk and prepared in various ways, small dose of 20-30 grams in your fridge.
  • Have the meat minced, diced and sliced already, before you put it away, it is easier to cook that way.
  • Always have fruits and vegetables in your freezer in smaller portions.
  • Have ground almonds, nuts, poppy seeds, etc in your kitchen.
  • As snacks always have seasonal fruits, raisins, dried fruits, or other seeds, nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, etc.
  • Always have one or two bars of 85% dark chocolate, vanilla extract or vanilla flavored birch sugar.
  • Feel free to use salt and other spices, try out new flavors!
  • Keep lard, duck fat or goose-grease in your fridge.

If you do accordingly, all will go smoothly and quickly when it comes to your daily cooking. After a while you’ll manage even without a list, and go through the rows of your favorite supermarket all by yourself, according to paleo diet.