Why decide against cereals? The coeliac disease

wha-decide-against-cereals-coeliac-disease-paleo-dietThe rapid growth of people suffering from coeliac disease is hardly surprising – considering our diet today consists of carbohydrates mainly from cereal consumption.

First, bread was only good when white. Then whole grain bread came along… and now we should get accustomed to not eating bread at all!

At the start of your paleo diet the complete withdrawal of cereals is the greatest ordeal. You’ll miss bread, the occasional bakeries in the mornings, the side dishes of pasta or rice…

But what is wrong with cereals? Why should we avoid eating them?

For a period of 2 million years, the human body had been adapting to a diet which didn’t include rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, therefore it couldn’t have learnt to deal with either gluten or lactose.

By comparison, today most of our diet consists of cereals, so we put tremendous strain on our bodies – day by day!

When looking at processed foods, it is indicated almost everywhere if the product contains gluten or not. However, it is not the gluten which causes the most serious problems for your body – but the lectins and saponins found in cereals.

These two substances may induce increased intestinal permeability; therefore undigested proteins can cause serious autoimmune processes and neurological problems as well. Due to this autoimmune diseases, diabetes or even coeliac disease may appear in the body.

Therefore it is better to avoid the consumption of cereals.

What kind of grains are banned?

The consumption of barley, corn, millet, rice, rye, wheat, wild rice, buckwheat is not recommanded during the caveman diet. (Although oat and amaranth has a low carb load on the body and do not contain gluten, still, you should consume them in small amounts and as rarely as possible!)

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net