Starting one diet after another,
torturing yourself with unsuccessful slimming methods
and still no visible change?

Suffering from a chronic disease
or have a sort of food allergy and searching for answers
on what to eat and what to avoid?

Surely, these new generation of civilization diseases prove quite well that your chosen diet
may cause numerous symptoms, illnesses.

To name a few – tumors, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergy, infertility,
endometrosis or even autoimmune diseases.

In the case of serious illnesses we should generally follow a strict diet which usually
fails because of the tasteless, unsalted type of meals.

Have you ever wished for a diet
which could reflect the lusciousness of your familiar meals
and at the meantime could not only help you lose weight
but improves the condition of your health?

A diet of your dreams which you could follow lifelong,
eating delicious meals day by day,
without the constant feeling of guilt!

Let me ask ….

Do you feel like growing heavier and heavier as your diet progresses-despite your efforts?

Would you like to look like yourself 10-20 years ago?

As a parent, have you ever wished to feed your family on clearly healthy food?

Do you feel guilty for giving junk food to your children so long?

Are you fed up with being ill or out of form all the time? Are you ready for a dramatic change in your life?

Would you like to have better digestion, slimmer figure or clean, spotless skin?

Are you looking for a diet which helps you to achieve all of the above?

Do you need help to change your lifestyle?

It’s a diet which exists for over a million years – and still, doctors won’t advise it.

PALEOption recipe cards are the answer to your questions.

PALEOption recipe cards collection is a sheer new cookbook, which contains recipes of delicious meals – made of available ingredients – easy enough for a beginner cook or anyone who is new to Paleo.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even light snacks any time of the day – no more dilemmas! Choosing&cooking becomes a piece of cake.


The recipes in the PALEOption cookbook does NOT contain:

PALEOption recipe e-cookbook, paleo recipes, caveman dietFlour, grains (wheat, maize, rice etc)

PALEOption recipe e-cookbook, paleo recipes, caveman dietTrans fats (vegetable oils and fats high in omega 6)

PALEOption recipe e-cookbook, paleo recipes, caveman dietLegumes (soya, nut, lentil, peas, beans etc)

PALEOption recipe e-cookbook, paleo recipes, caveman dietRefined sugar (white sugar, cane sugar, fructose etc)

PALEOption recipe e-cookbook, paleo recipes, caveman dietDairy (yoghurt, soft cheese, cottage cheese) except for some kind of hard cheese

PALEOption recipe e-cookbook, paleo recipes, caveman dietProcessed food or preservatives (e.g. sodium glutamate, aspartame, food colouring)

The PALEOption cookbook contains 165 recipe cards with thorough shopping lists, easy-to-follow instructions AND colourful pictures.

>> lista az előnyökről 165 recept, egyszerű, olcsó receptek stb. <<

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesThey are easy to use, there is no need to surf the net for recipes or experimenting your new ones. In PALEOption recipe cards you can find all the meals – tested and working. No more waste of ingredients&money!

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesThe process of cooking is described step by step, easy to follow, even beginner cooks can’t fail while using these recipe cards.

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesContains recipes which need simple, affordable ingredients, can be made throughout the year and there are numerous tips and additional ideas to making dishes.

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesYou can find lots of ideas on breakfast, lunch and dinner; and many more on cookies, cakes, sandwich topping and bread itself.

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesYou don’t need special ingredients which are hard to find in local stores.

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesNo more hassle trying to keep the cookbook open, choosing and reading the recipes becomes a piece of cake.

What do these recipe cards really look like?

>> receptkártyák oldalainak kinézeti fotója <<

Hi Szilvi.I bought the PALEOption cookbook a few weeks ago, and I have prepared loads of dishes since then. I have baked muffins, bread, muesli and created wonderful shakes; and many more – all of them became our all time favourite so we listed everything on our private menu.This is the most imaginative and creative paleo cookbook I have ever met, and the format is suberb – it is very easy to handle, extremely durable; so I have the inspiration to take it out again&again. This way my repertoire is getting wider by every day. Boroka Csabi, Budapest
Dear Szilvi.Since I bought the PALEOption recipe cards, I always keep at least one kind of paleo cookie, paleo bread and herb butter at arm’s length – the paleo ingredients are all on the shelves!I’ll never forget what I felt the first time I tried paleo bread with herb butter on it. I haven’t had flour for 3 months, and now the bread& butter with tomatoes … It was heavenly! I couldn’t eat much though, because it’s quite filling; I didn’t feel hungry for hours afterwards, on the other hand I drink more water than I used to.This weekend I made my first paleo breaded cutlet, I made it for the whole family, and everyone praised it, saying I could make it over and over again it’s so delicious. So I can say the recipe cards are in daily use. Thank you for your help and hard work to put all these utterly useful recipestogether!
You helped a lot – for me and all the others struggling with the very same problems. All the best for You and Your Family. With Love, Erika Nagy, Budapest

The PALEOption recipe cards cookbook is available and downloadable in eBook form.

>> ipad képek <<

  • You can check it on a PDF reader anywhere, anytime; it can be used on a computer or iPhone as well.
  • You can even print it more than one copies so it can make a wonderful present to give away.
  • When laminated, it won’t get dirty during cooking.

What can you expect from the PALEOption recipe cards collection?

You can find traditional, easy-to-make dishes just like special ones; so be it a fastidious husband or a choosy child – you can please everyone’s appetite easily with their favourite dish – sugar and cereal flour free – healthy! – version.

Check out the contents of the PALEOption recipecards:

>> A receptkártya tartalma, receptek nevei <<

Hello Szilvi, I managed to keep myself 100% to paleo during Christmas and since then too; maybe because we had lots of time to plan the menu carefully, and also to get the needed ingredients. The recipecards collection has been a great help for all of us! We’ve tried the mayonnaise, nutella, waffles, brownie, Torda barbecue, fried cheese, stuffed cabbage, layered chicken, mushrooms stew so far. They were all fantastic, the brownie and waffles with nutella were the most surprising of all.I can only praise the rest, they are immensely delicious and extremely easy to prepare – partly because they are ’traditional’, and, of course, getting the ingredients wasn’t difficult at all. We do hope you keep on working on your collection, can’t wait to get hold of the new recipes! Zsolt Pinter, Soskut
Dear Szilvia,I got the PALEOption recipecards, and for 2 days now my daughter and I have been using them for preparing our meals. It’s a long time since I’ve wanted to change our eating habits; I personally experienced some symptoms, I simply didn’t feel well. I often coughed after consuming grains, and felt an unexplainable discomfort. Hopefully it’s over now.I have prepared the bread, the muffins and the celery paste so far. All of them are delicious, even the celery. Making breaded dishes is so much more easier and the meat, the cheese so much yummier. Congratulations, Szilvia, and I wish you to collect more recipes of healthy, and tasty dishes.Mrs Zsuzsanna Peter, Hajduboszormeny
Dear Szilvia,I started eating and cooking by Paleo a month ago, with the help of your recipe cards collection and you. I began to feel myself better and better in no time; my symptoms (in connection with my gluten and other food allergies) seem to disappear altogether. I feel full of energy, I have even taken up sports as a hobby again – it’s the greatest joy in my life right now because I am an active person by nature but unfortunately I haven’t been fit enough to do sports recently. I spend my days actively – again; and I’ve just noticed that my hair loss has also got reduced dramatically! At first it was quite hard to switch to Paleo, I haven’t managed to organize everything accordingly – but I believe I’m on the right track, choosing and consuming my meals consciously. When I ever deviate from Paleo, my body starts showing all the worst symptoms again; stomach ache, fatigue, edema on my face and eyes, joint pains, headache etc.All in all, it’s worth to keep myself to what I’ve planned, my days are better than ever, I feel healthy again :-) So there is no doubt I’ll abide to the caveman diet as it is. Thank you very much for your help, and the recipe collection is just awesome, full of delicious,
easy-to-prepare dishes – it’s been a great help for me too.
Krisztina Nagy, Taksony

Who do I recommend the PALEOption recipe cards for?

Those who:

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipessuffer from serious health problems and cannot see any improvements

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipeshave some kind of food allergy (lactose intolerancy, celiac disease)

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipessuffer from candida (these dishes do not contain either sugar or grains)

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipescan not lose any weight despite constant dieting

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipes want to rule out preservatives, additional chemicals

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesintend to ensure safe meals for their children

paleo diet, paleolithic, caveman diet, paleo recipesare the followers of the simple&fast solution – and don’t want to glean recipes for weeks.

Let’s start cooking – let’s start eating PALEO now!

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